The History of Thai Coffee

Thai coffee is currently recognised as one of the best in the world’s coffee market. Thais have been enjoying coffee for a long time but the coffee industry only started to really take off just 30 years ago. Coffee production in the northern border region, along with Burma and Laos (The golden triangle) was initiated by the royal family of Thailand to replace opium for other crops. Under the Thai/United Nations Crop Replacement and Community Development Project, coffee cultivation was experimented with as a replacement crop for opium. This change triggered a mass production of coffee and a harvest of high yield, which in turn has improved life customs and has helped build more facilities, such as schools and hospitals. Lowland areas in Thailand grow Robusta beans and highland areas cultivate and produce genuine Arabica beans. Arabica coffee is recommended as a good variety as its yield is profitable to all categories of farmers, including the hill tribes. 

The Yes Coffee Process


The Crop

The coffee beans begin their lives as the seeds of an evergreen shrub. After the seeds are extracted from the coffee cherries and dried to become green beans, they are then sorted by size and the good beans are separated from the bad beans. They are then stored in sacks and transported to our roasting factory in Phuket. All our Arabica beans are grown in the Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai mountain regions at least 1500M above sea level and are environmentally cultivated by the hill tribes. Good soil, high altitude and abundant water are the best conditions for growing Yes Coffee.


The Roasting Process

Once the beans have arrived at the factory, they are met by our trained volunteers who carefully monitor every batch whilst they are roasted by our machines. The beans are roasted to different levels and grades to assess the quality. Samples are taken from every batch and tasted to ensure they are up to standard. We use two different methods to roast our beans, flame roasting and convection roasting. Both produce the perfect blend that make Yes Coffee so great!


The Cup

After the beans have been roasted and quality checked, they are then sent on their way to our coffee shops in Phuket, Chiang Mai and Bangkok with every location using the same beans, which have been lovingly prepared in the roastery. We source, store, blend, roast, grind and handcraft our coffee, this means that we can ensure that every stage of the process meets our exacting standards. All our beans are certified as 100% organic.


100% Arabica Drip Coffee

Drip Coffee is a specialty single origin coffee from Chiang Rai that has has a fruity and rich taste and aroma.

NET WT 8g / 7pack


This single origin coffee has good balance of a sweet body with fruits, chocolate flavors and light sour taste. Finished with a little bitter edge. Dark roast for espresso.

NET WT 200g

Kenko Inka Organic Herbal Tea

Made with 100% Sacha Inchi tea leaves, this tea has numerous health benefits.

NET WT 15g/10 Tea bags

Doi Chaang 100% Organic Arabica Premium Coffee

This Thai coffee has a more balanced body, flavored with oak,
dark chocolate and a hint of fresh cherry. Dark roast.

NET WT 100g

The Lounge Black Ivory Organic arabica coffee

This extremely rare coffee has been naturally refined by elephants and aids in their conservation. It has notes of chocolate, malt, spice, a hint of grass and without the burnt or bitter taste.

NET WT 50g

Inca Tea

This 100% natural tea has Omega 3,6,9 and vitamin A & E.

Peaberry 100% Arabica Premium Thai Coffee

One of the prominent coffees with medium body, sweet flowery and tangy flavor that is perfectly accompanied with nuts. Dark rost.

NET WT 100g

100% Arabica Honey Process Organic Coffee

Honey process is a specialised sun-drying method that increases the natural sweetness of the coffee. It is one of the simplest purification methods with the very best coffee produced in environmentally friendly process. Medium dark roast.

NET WT 100g

Yes Coffee cup set

Take a bit of Yes Coffee home with you with our branded mug adn teacup set.