Giving Back To The Community

Yes Education Center

Under Thai government policy, all children have a right to primary education, regardless of their nationality or status. But in reality, only a fraction of the estimated 200,000 children of Burmese migrant workers in Thailand are enrolled in public schools, mainly due to financial and language barriers. Yes Education Center was set up to give Burmese migrant children access to education and good prospects for further education and better jobs.

Yes Education Center currently has 65 children from 3 years to 14 years old, 3 Burmese teachers and 1 Thai teacher. The education center focuses on language and communication skills and also offers other subjects including Mathematics, English, Thai and the Burmese languages, and studies on the culture of different ethnic groups. In addition, students are also taught Christian principles. Burmese, Thai and English are used in the class to allow students to practice language skills and foster a better understanding among classmates. Yes Education Center issues a certificate of education once the children have completed their studies, which opens the door for further study and better job prospects. With approx. 10% of the Yes Coffee profits supporting the Yes Education Center each month, every time you buy a coffee, it helps keep those school doors open.

Kenneth Mackenzie School

Yes Coffee provides barista training for students at the Kenneth Mackenzie school, who are mainly from the hilltribes of Thailand. through the training, they have access to a life skill that may provide them with an income in their future. Yes Coffee also sponsors the school's Tae Kwon Do Club, including an annual tour of Korea.